Activity areas

Fields of activities of the Sector for Work with Youth in the area of work with youth organizations:

  • To hold events to ensure the active participation of young people in socio-political, socio-economic and cultural life;
  • To render assistance in the organization of youth;
  • To organize activities of the Public Council for work with Youth under the Ministry of Youth and Sports;
  • To coordinate the activities of youth organizations, to direct their work is creative, constructive way;
  • To analyze the main trends and prospects of development of the youth movement;
  • To participate in the elaboration of the legal framework of the youth movement;
  • To analyze the projects of youth organizations, to prepare proposals on their financing;
  • To contribute to the establishment and development of international relations of youth organizations;
  • To ensure the conduction of training courses and training camps on various topics for young people and leaders of youth organizations.
  • To study and analyze the situation, and prepare references in the field of work with youth organizations;
  • To analyze the statistical data.