President: Vüqar Cəbrayıl oğlu Əhmədov
Address: Bakı şəhəri, N.Nərimanov prospekti 206
Phone: (050) 250-50-58

Azerbaijan Rowing Federation

The Federation promotes and develops the sport, and for this purpose it holds public events using the mass media, as well as in this field:

  • Elaborates programs, organizes training courses, training camps, seminars, symposiums;
  • Holds local and international competitions and championships in rowing and canoeing in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Ensures opening the rowing and canoeing sports clubs and disseminates information about these clubs to attract members. It takes measures to increase the number of such clubs;
  • Elaborates the rules of domestic racing adapted to the international racing rules;
  • Is involved in the construction of rowing bases and yacht-clubs, and announces tenders for preparation of the relevant project and budget documents;
  • Strengthens and develops relations with international organizations and national federations of foreign countries;
  • Is involved in the elaboration of the environmental clean-up programs given that the rowing and canoeing sports demand clean air and clean water; cooperates with the local state ecological control bodies;
  • Organizes the release of the award attributes bearing the symbolics of the Federation;
  • Studies the demand in the rowing and canoeing sports inventory, equipment, uniforms and shoes, and based on the results acquires and produces the sport-related products and other sporting accessories;
  • Acquires and leases sports facilities and installations;
  • Holds exchange of experience in rowing and canoeing sports, studies new directions in this field and participates in the publication and dissemination of contemporary literature on this issue;
  • Elaborates programs related to the fight against the use of doping and other drugs or psychotropic agents;
  • Ensures the protection of rights and interests of athletes, coaches and judges;
  • Each year it determines the composition of the national team and coaches, and is engaged in preparation of judges for these sports;
  • Exercises other types of activities not specified in this Statute and not prohibited by the legislation effective in the Republic of Azerbaijan in the manner prescribed.