President: Cavid Qurbanov
Address: Bakı şəhəri, Olimpiya küçəsi 9 AZ-1072
Phone: 012 465 72 74

Azerbaijan Athletics Federation


  • The Azerbaijan Athletics Federation promotes the sport of athletics and creates conditions for its development; for this purpose it conducts mass competitions and marches, and organizes the promotion of athletics through their direct broadcast and other mass media outlets;
  • Organizes and holds chain competitions between schoolchildren and youth of military age;
  • Coordinates the work of club, society, sports associations to develop athletics, and organizes different cup competitions to determine the level of development of athletic disciplines in these organizations;
  • Determines the composition of national teams on separate training groups, prepares training programs for separate groups in these teams, conducts independent monitoring of the athletes involved in the national team;
  • Organizes and holds the district, municipal, regional, national competitions and championships in athletics;
  • Prepares the teams to represent Azerbaijan at the Olympic Games, official competitions of IAAF and EAA, and organizes training camps;
  • Compiles the ranking table of the national team members;
  • Is working towards holding the international competitions in various athletic disciplines in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Sends the coaches and judges working with various training groups to seminars, organizes and conducts seminar to improve their professional qualification;
  • Applies IAAF and EAA rules and regulations in its activities, rests on them;
  • It elaborates and implements programs for the development of athletics;
  • Each year it holds encouraging competitions for achievements in sport season, promotes the winners and medalists;
  • Applies for encouragement and awarding honorary titles in recognition of services in the field of development of the sport of athletics;
  • Establishes institutions rendering paid services for athletics;
  • Creates facilities for the production of various sports equipment and accessories;
  • In accordance with legislation, it may install trade, catering, foreign trade, economic, sports equipment, establish joint ventures, be a member of or create direct relations with the international sports organizations, participate in the events held by international organizations;
  • Creates relations and collaborates with international organizations and federations, ensures the participation of AAF representatives in the seminars, conferences, training camps and other events held by IAAF, EAA and other international organizations;
  • Coordinates the activities of all organizations who develops the athletics at the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Grants benefits and pensions to the athletes who have represented Azerbaijan in the international arena for many years, competed in the world and European championships, international tournaments.