President: Kazım Xanlar oğlu Qurbanov
Address: Bakı şəhəri, Səbail rayonu, A.Abbaszadə 2-ci Y/massiv 194 AZ-1004
Phone: (012) 564-08-09 (050) 310-50-19 (050) 614-13-14
Website: None

Azerbaijan National Sport Association

The Azerbaijan National Sport Association is the charitable voluntary public sports organization which carries out and leads the development of national sports in the country In accordance with the Statute. The Association was established by the decision of the founding conference of the Association dated  April 25, 1990 in accordance with the Order No. 246 of the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan SSR dated  June 6, 1990. 
The association as a legal entity and has the own seal, bank account, stamp and attributes. The Association carries out activities having consolidated the Azerbaijan National Sports Federations (National wrestling, backgammon, horseback national games, games with elements of general developmental exercises, zurkhaneh and wrestling). The association includes the national sports teams.
Along with the undertaken obligations, the Association performs the following functions:
- elaborates and implements the targeted complex program of development of national sports in the Republic;
- elaborates and approves the rules and program of competitions in national sports, and the regulations of national competitions;
- organizes and holds the national and international competitions in national sports in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
- participates in the international events and programs together with other organizations.
- approves the "Rules for the national sports teams included in the Association" together with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
- elaborates the classification standards and requirements to national sports, and submits them to the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan for approval.
- represents the association interests in the field of national sports in the international scale;
- cooperates with similar associations and federations of other countries;
- participates in the preparation and selection of the staff of coaches and other experts, grants scholarship for high school students talented in national sports.
The Association takes an active part in the establishment and operation of new departments in the cities and regions of the Republic, strengthening the material and technical base of these sports and resolving other actual issues.
To ensure the physical education of new generation and prepare them to labor and readiness to defend the country, the association managed to draw from the Ministry of Education the inclusion of national sports in the physical education program of secondary schools in 1992, and inclusion of the zurkhaneh and wrestling sports as a discipline in the education program of the Azerbaijan State Physical Culture and Sports Academy starting from the 2009/10 academic year. 
Since 1990, the internationally certified referee, PhD in pedagogy, Honored Coach of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Honored Worker in Physical Culture and Sports, Professor Khanlar Kazim oglu Gurbanov has been the ANSA president.
Khanlar Gurbanov was elected the Vice-President of the Federation and Chairman of the Technical Committee at the report-and-election conference of the European Zurkhaneh Sports Confederation held on 07.09.2008 in Pusan, Republic of Korea.
In 2009, Vugar Gurbanov was awarded the title of World Wrestler and the "Gold Bracelet" by the International Zurkhaneh Sports Federation (IZSF) for the first place in the first World Cup competitions in zurkhaneh and wrestling where he defeated all competitors in the heavy weight category.