President: Orxan Əliyev
Address: Bakı şəhəri, Atatürk 8A
Phone: (050) 829 77 99
Website: Yoxdur

Azerbaijan Kickboxing Federation

Main objectives of the Federation:

  • To develop the kickboxing martial arts in the Republic.
  • To create conditions to improve training and skills of coaches and students.
  • Ethical education of coaches, students and amateurs.
  • Organization and improvement of courses, seminars and of examinations.
  • Organization of lessons and courses in the sports and other educational institutions.
  • Development of cooperation with local and foreign organizations.
  • Organizing and holding festivals, International seminars, exhibitions and friendly meetings with representatives of foreign countries.
  • Protecting the rights of students, coaches, specialists of branches and subdivisions.
  • Control over the correct conduction of trainings.
  • Approval of the calendar plan of holding the kickboxing events in the Republic, and organizing them.