President: Muradova Günel
Address: Bakı şəh.,Yasamal r-nu.,A.M.Şərifzadə 75a AZ-1138
Phone: 070 870 35 35

Azerbaijan Capoeira Federation

For the first time in Azerbaijan the martial art of Capoeira was founded by Taleh Natig oglu Orujov in 1997. In 2000, the Azerbaijan Capoeira Federation was formed as a unified center in Baku, and since the day of foundation of the martial art of Capoeira in Azerbaijan as a result of activities aimed at the provision of intensive trainings and creation of interest to sports and specifically to the martial art of Capoeira among our youth, a number of clubs and centers have been created by the Azerbaijan Capoeira Federation in Baku and some regions of Azerbaijan, which are operating to this day. Twice a year the Azerbaijan Capoeira Federation holds the belt-degree exams. In addition, once a year the Federation organizes the Baku championship, the all-Azerbaijan championship, and once every two years "the Cup of Azerbaijan" competitions. Herewith, the federation members adequately represent Azerbaijan in the international arena including the international competitions, festivals and seminars. One of the largest and most well-known sports federations of Azerbaijan, the Capoeira Federation is working closely with many local and international sports organizations. Articles about the Azerbaijan Capoeira Federation have been repeatedly published in many local and international newspapers and magazines, and broadcasts transmitted through a number of local TV channels.

Originally, "Capoeira" is a Brazilian sport discipline. This sport which has been improved by slaves of African descent living in Brazil to defend themselves, is spreaded in about 120 countries in addition to Brazil. Combining aesthetic appearance, music, dance and fight, it differs from another types of battle. According to many people, "Capoeira" may be a martial art, method of self-defense or just a game. For the slaves who laid the foundation of "Capoeira" in Brazil, Capoeira was the way to Freedom. If you are also interested or engaged in "Capoeira", you will easily find this way! Mestre Bimba (Mestre is the highest rank in "Capoeira") modernized the "Capoeira" which was prohibited until 1932, by making new additions and lifted the ban imposed on Capoeira through the conclusion of mediation agreement with the Brazilian state officials. Hereupon, the "Capoeira" has been quickly developed and further modernized by adding new styles.

"Capoeira" is a game played by 2 person inside a circle of people called RODA (pronounced Hoda) in the accompaniment of known styles and rhythms. The game is named JOGO. There are specific rules of Jogo (game) played inside Roda. There is an orchestra of musical instruments belonging to "Capoeira" inside Roda. The orchestra includes musical instruments such as Berimbao, Pandeyru, Atabaque, Agogo, and others.

Except Berimbao, other musical instruments were added later.

"Capoeira" is divided into several types by tempo. Based on these types, the competitors build the Jogo (game) in slow, medium and fast tempo. Angola is the slow tempo-based, Banguela – medium tempo-based, and Regional – fast tempo-based type.