Speech by the Minister of Youth and Sports Azad Rahimov

Minister of Youth and Sports Azad Rahimov told about the youth and sports policy. He noted that the State Program for youth is being successfully implemented. The government support for talented young people increased, the events directed to ensuring the youth employment were held. Patriotic clubs have been created in 15 cities and regions, the "e-youth" project has been developed. Events have also been held in the field of sports development, material and technical base in this area has been strengthened, construction of Olympic sports complexes and various sports facilities continued.
Azerbaijani youth live in a society which has shown economic growth. The today’s realities require the young people to be distinguished by their skills, intellect, healthy lifestyle, to more actively participate in public administration and the implementation of youth policy. To turn them into a leading force of the state, to ensure their participation in the solution of social and economic problems, the "Azerbaijani Youth State Program" approved by the country’s President Ilham Aliyev has been successfully implemented.
The first months of 2007 have been remarkable for our young people. A number of events which had been held in our Republic since the end of January on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of February 2 – the Azerbaijani Youth Day established by the Order of the national leader Heydar Aliyev dated February 1, 1997 attracted the attention of the media and the general public. The most important of these events was a meeting of Mr. President with active representatives of talented and creative young people and youth organizations held in 2007, on the occasion of February 2 - the Youth Day. At the meeting, the head of the country evaluated the works done in the field of youth policy, determined the long-term tasks facing the state and the people in modern times.
Strengthening the Civic and Patriotic education of young people, increasing the state support for talented young people, implementation of projects aimed at the development of young families, as well as the employment of youth, creation of a network of social service institutions for the youth are among our key objectives. The era we live is distinguished by unprecedented development of science, technique, and the new technologies.
 Mr. President, still in 2003, at the Summit on Information Society in Geneva you noted that the information society, information management is very important especially for the younger generation. Because youth is the generation creating a new information society. To execute these global tasks determined by you, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has prepared the "e-youth" project. Herewith, a number of projects have been implemented to promote the realities of Azerbaijan world-wide. Among them, I would like to mention a conference and an internet campaign held in connection with genocide of Azerbaijanis. Within the action, information reflecting the realities of the genocide committed against Azerbaijanis has been e-mailed by youth to the parliamentarians of the world's leading countries, the mass media, international political organizations, in general to 20 thousand e-mail addresses.
 Mr. President, your Decree on the rules for soft mortgage loans dated January 23, 2007 has become a clear evidence of state support for the young families, military personnel, young scholars and athletes in our country. Currently, the Ministry’s employees along with the representatives of the Mortgage Foundation carry out work on the wide promotion of the social nature of the mortgage among the population. The relevant informative booklets were developed and distributed by the Ministry.
Revelation of creative and talented young people and the creation of conditions for their development is one of the main priorities of the state youth policy. Your Decree on the preparation of the State Program for education of Azerbaijani youth abroad has been highly appreciated by the young people. The ministry is actively involved in the development of this program along with other organizations.
In recent years, our country has become a venue for various prestigious international events. It should be regarded as the success of the country's domestic and international state policy. Like in other areas, it makes itself felt in the field of the youth policy as well. On April 27-28, this year Baku will host the next meeting of the Council of the European Youth Forum member organizations. It should be noted that the European Youth Forum is the Europe's largest youth organization. Participation of 45 countries and about 90 representatives of the influenced international organization in the event to be held in Azerbaijan proves once again the world-scale role and authority of our country.
Dear Mr. President, after the restoration of independence of Azerbaijan national leader Heydar Aliyev gave great care and attention to the development of physical culture and sport. The physical education and sports movement received the status of one of the main priorities. For this purpose, first of all, the creation and strengthening of material-technical base of sport is very important. Under your leadership, the works in this area are continuing at high speed. Thus, in the first quarter of 2007, Olympic Sports Complex was commissioned in Masalli region. The foundations for the sports complexes built in Oguz, Aghdash, Bilasuvar, Shamkir regions and Hovsan settlement of Baku were laid. Currently, the construction of sports complexes in Kurdamir, Sabirabad, Ismayilli, Goychay, Jalilabad, Astara regions and the city of Sumgait, mini football field in Ali Bayramli, as well as Sports Complex in Shaghan settlement, sport gyms in Pirallahi, Bina, Mushfigabad, Balakhani, and Zira settlements, and a mini football field in Nardaran settlement under the program of actions on acceleration of socio-economic development of Baku settlements is underway.
In addition, the Republican Olympic Center has been overhauled, the works on extensive renovation and restoration of the Heydar Aliyev Sport and Concert Complex are underway. Currently, the repair of the Olympic Sports Lyceum, children and youth sports school in Yevlakh, stadiums in Kurdamir and Lerik regions, boxing gym in Ali Bayramli, the Locomotive Sports and Health Complex in Bilajari settlement, a sports school in Ahmadli settlement, the "Youth" stadium in Buzovna settlement started. At the same time, the design and estimate documents on the construction of sports complexes in Balakan, Imishli, Dashkasan, Tovuz, Gakh, and Gabala regions, the restoration of 3500-seat stadium in Shaki, the reconstruction of the Kur Olympic Training and Sports Center in the city of Mingachevir, and the construction of the Gymnastics Complex in Baku are being developed by the "Project design" Institute. It is known that all these works will require a lot of funds, and Mr. President, the implementation of the economic policy under your leadership allows us to carry out these works at a high level.
This policy the foundation of which has been laid by the national leader and which has been successfully continued by you, gives significant results. In your words, the funds invested in sports are those invested in public health. Not surprisingly, given the dynamic development of sports in our country, Baku was nominated to host the Summer Olympic Games 2016. For information, I would like to indicate that the initial application documents have already been accepted for review and responded by the International Olympic Committee.
Dear Mr. President, I would like to note once again that one of the most significant events during the reporting period has been the announcement of the year 2007 as the Year of Youth in our country. It was a real triumph of faith in the youth movement. On behalf of the country's youth and athletes I would like to express our profound gratitude to you for the care and attention given to physical education and sports in our country, and assure you that we will justify the objectives and expectations with honor.