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Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №19 2023 April 01
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №18 2023 March 03
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №17 2023 February 04
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №16 2022 December 29
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №15 2022 December 06
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №14 2022 November 03
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №13 2022 October 05
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №12 2022 August 31
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №11 2022 August 08
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №10 2022 July 08
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №9 2022 June 09
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №8 2022 May 09
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №7 2022 April 07
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №6 2022 March 07
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №5 2022 February 07
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №4 2022 January 06
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №3 2021 December 06
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №2 2021 November 06
Nazirin Nöqteyi-Nəzəri №1 2021 October 07
Speech by Minister of Youth and Sports Azad Ragimov 2019 October 14 http://www.mys.gov.az/mtbuat/cixislar/27/gnclr-v-idman-naziri-azad-rhimovun-cixisi
The opening ceremony of Grand Slam tournament was held 2017 March 14
New logo and brand of the Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games were presented 2016 May 12 http://www.1news.az/az/idman/20160512093607348.html
“Ganja - European Youth Capital 2016” project opening ceremony was held 2016 May 04
Azad Rahimov: "We are all responsible for the future of youth" 2016 April 12 http://www.day.az
The Minister of Youth and Sports Azad Rahimov’s speech at the training session for heads of regional and municipal Youth and Sports Departments 2016 April 05
Speech by Azad Rahimov at a meeting of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States 2016 March 04 http://az.trend.az/azerbaijan/society/2502919.html
The First National Model UN Conference started in Baku 2016 February 20 http://xeber.az/bakida-birinci-milli-bmt-modeli-konfrans-ise-basladi
Awarding the Youth on the occasion of the Youth Day 2016 February 03
The “Olympic Moves’” program was presented in Baku 2015 December 17 https://report.az/komanda/milli-olimpiya-komitesinde-mok-olimpiya-herekati-proqramin-teqdimati-kecirilib/
Ilham Aliyev: "The fact that the Games are to be held in Azerbaijan once again demonstrates that Azerbaijan is a country enjoying great respect in the world" 2015 September 23
Azad Rahimov: Azerbaijan has written its name in golden letters in the history of the world sport 2015 June 29 http://azertag.az/xeber/Azad_Rehimov_Azerbaycan_adini_dunya_idman_tarixine_qizil_herflerle_yazdi-868003
The 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Sports and Health Centre of the Ministry of National Security (MNS) has been celebrated 2015 April 20 http://www.azerbaijan-news.az/index.php?mod=3&id=67643
A ceremony of awarding of talented and creative youth was held on the occasion of the Youth Day 2015 February 02 http://az.trend.az/azerbaijan/society/2359857.html
Holding the First Global Forum on Youth Policy in Baku is the acknowledgement of the international authority of Azerbaijan 2014 October 31 http://www.xalqqazeti.com/az/news/politics/50029
Azad Rahimov: "In the European Games, competitions in 20 sports will be conducted" 2014 October 09 http://apa.az/idman-xeberleri/olimpiada-olimpiya-oyunlari/azad-rehimov-avropa-oyunlarinda-20-idman-novu-uzre-yarislar-kecirilecek-onlardan-16-si-olimpiya-idman-novudur.html
Speech by the Minister of Youth and Sports Azad Rahimov at the VII Youth Forum of the Republic of Azerbaijan 2014 June 02
Azad Rahimov: In current times, young scientists have wider opportunities compared to the previous 5-10 years 2014 May 27 http://az.trend.az/azerbaijan/society/2278641.html
Azad Rahimov: A healthy lifestyle and involvement of youth and future generations in sports are very important for Azerbaijan 2014 April 19 http://az.trend.az/azerbaijan/sports/2265163.html
Azad Rahimov: “A healthy lifestyle and involvement of youth and future generations in sports are very important for Azerbaijan” 2014 April 17 http://news.milli.az/sport/261385.html
The speech by Mr. Azad Rahimov, Minister of Youth and Sport at UN Security Council Conference 2013 October 21
Azad Rahimov: "I've experienced unforgettable feelings during the rowers’ performance" 2011 August 26
One of the issues facing the World Azerbaijani Youth is standing up to the Armenians’ propaganda full of rubbish - Ali Hasanov 2010 November 27 http://az.trend.az/azerbaijan/society/1788636.html
Speech by the Minister of Youth and Sports Azad Rahimov 2007 April 13 http://azertag.az/xeber/GANCLAR_VA_IDMAN_NAZIRI_AZAD_RAHIMOVUN_CHIXISI-374311
Today, a press conference was held in Baku in association with the European Olympic Games 2015