Published:6/6/2017 5:05 PM

The presentation of a computer game "Under Occupation: Shusha. Revenge"

<p>The presentation of a computer game "Under Occupation: Shusha. Revenge" and a book "Know Karabakh" was held in the "Park Inn" hotel.<br />Minister of Youth and Sports Azad Rahimov, the Chairman of the Family, Women and Children Affairs Committee Hijran Huseynova, &nbsp;deputy minister of Transport, Communications and Technologies Elmir Velizade, the Head of the Shusha Executive Power Bayram Safarov, deputies of the Parliament, officials, guests and young people took part in the event.<br />The game was developed by the AzDimension Company with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Earlier, the Ministry supported the development of the "Under Occupation: Agdam" computer game.&nbsp;<br />The book &ldquo;Shusha&rdquo; in 3-D format was prepared for the first time as a part of the "Know Karabakh" project that gives the opportunity to the young people to get more information about the historical and cultural monuments in Shusha. The Shusha fortress, the Natavan spring, Govhar-aga Mosque, Caravanserai and other monuments are alive in the papers of the book.<br /></p>