Facility type: İdman Qurğusu
Contact person name: Quliyev Emil Salim
Position of contact person: Director
E-mail: gulanacafova@mail.ru
Post code: AZ1072
City: Baku
Phone: (012) 465 08 91

Republican Olympic Center

Republican Olympic Center is located in the central part of Baku city – in Narimanov district, near “Ganjlik” underground station. The center is surrounded by the Youth and Sport Ministry of the Republic of Azerbaijan from one side and by the National Olympic Committee from the other side. It has been functioning since 1982. However, it was completely reconstructed in 2007 and again was put into use.

Total area of the center is 0.22 hectares. The athletics hall of the center is 96 m length and 30 m wide. New running tracks with 6 paths (3 round, 3 straight) are established around the athletics hall. Rond paths are 2000 m, 207 m and 217 m correspondingly. Straight paths are 100 meters.

The hall was also supplied with modern equipments for practicing hurdles, pole-vault and high jumping disciplines of athletics.  Newly established ventilation and lighting system of the center meet international standards.