Facility type: İdman Qurğusu
Contact person name: Həsənov Elçin Zülfüqar oğlu
Position of contact person: Director
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City: Baku

Baku European Games Park

European Games Park started functioning on May 13, 2015. This sport park was designed for water polo, beach volleyball, beach soccer, and basketball competitions. The park consists of three sports facilities and four functional zones. The total area of the facility is 18 hectares; the construction area is close to 70,000 square meters. 
Functional rooms located in water polo competitions complex of the European Games Park are of high quality. There are meeting and pressrooms, café and VIP areas in the building. 1,836seat and 560seat two swimming pools meeting international requirements were built in the complex. The regulating water pool was constructed, as well. 
Twostorey functional transition was built between water polo and beach volleyball, and beach football competitions complexes. 
Basketball competitions complex of the European Games Park was also constructed in accordance with the international standards. Teams of 3x3 basketball can play in this complex. The 2,008seat stand 11 meters in width and 15 meters in length designed for final competitions was constructed. Furthermore, three pitches were provided for athletes in the complex. Each of them has a capacity of 376 spectators. In beach volleyball and beach football competitions complexes of the park there exist comprehensive conditions for these types of sports. There are 2,931seat pitch designed for final competitions, each 302seat three ordinary and two training pitches in the complex.