Facility type: İdman Qurğusu
Contact person name:
Position of contact person: Əli Əsgərov
Post code: AZ 1000
City: Bakı

Baku Sport Palace

The Baku Sport Palace located in Seaside National Part was built in 1974. In 2015, it was reconstructed in accordance with the modern requirements. The badminton and table tennis competitions of the First European Games were held in this palace. To increase the number of spectators in the hall, a bilateral platform was constructed additionally. If the number of seats was 1100 before reconstruction, consequently this figure reached 1736. A special wooden cover was installed in the main gym. Taking into consideration disabled spectators and full-scale usage of all areas of the building by paralympians, 6 lift shafts and modern lifts were installed inside. A cafe for spectators and athletes also functions in the Baku Sport Palace. In addition, there exits high standards in pressroom. VIP and other auxiliary rooms.