Facility type: İdman Qurğusu
Contact person name: Rahimov Murad
Position of contact person: Director
Post code: AZ1003
City: Baku
Phone: (012) 404-31-52

Baku Crystall Hall

Baku Crystal Hall, which started functioning on May 7, 2012, is mostly used as a sports facility. This enormous facility is located on Baku coast of the Caspian Sea, near National Flag Square. 
The presentation of “V1 Challenge Azerbaijan” automobile sport competition, volleyball, boxing, karate, taekwondo and fencing competitions of the inaugural European Games, world chess Olympiad, Champions League games among women volleyball teams, as well as other country-wide competitions were held in this arena. Some competitions of the IV Islamic Solidarity Games will be held in Baku Crystal Hall consisting of three parts. 
25-thousand-seat complex is distinguished with its original architecture and contributes to the special architectural structure of the capital. 
The Eurovision Song Contest was held in Baku Crystal Hall in May 2012.