Facility type: İdman Qurğusu
Contact person name: Hasanov Elchin Zulfuqar
Position of contact person: Director
Post code: AZ1003
City: Baku
Phone: (012) 4919191, (050) 9709191

Baku Aquatics Palace

Aquatic Cent­re lo­ca­ted in Ba­yil sett­le­ment of Ba­ku, in the newly built part of Ba­ku Boule­vard star­ted func­tioning on Ap­ril 20, 2015. The sport cen­ter with the area of 6 hec­ta­res co­vers in to­tal 72,000 square me­ters. It is in comp­lian­ce with the re­quire­ments of the In­ter­na­tional Swim­ming Fe­de­ra­tion. The cen­ter inc­lu­des th­ree swim­ming pools. The main pool, 50 me­ters in length, 25 me­ters in width, and 2.5 me­ters in depth, is de­sig­ned for dif­fe­rent ty­pes of wa­ter sports com­pe­ti­tions at lo­cal and in­ter­na­tional le­vels. The length of the pool for di­ving in the main hall is 25 me­ters in height. Fi­vesta­ge plat­form was built for high board di­ving from a height of 1, 3, 5, 7,5 and 10 me­ters. The swim­ming pool const­ruc­ted for trainings in the se­cond hall of Aquatic Cent­re is 51 me­ters in length and 20 me­ters in width. Mo­re than 6,000 spec­ta­tors can watch sports com­pe­ti­tions at the pa­la­ce si­mul­ta­neously. Mo­reover, the cen­ter inc­lu­des a 150seat res­taurant, the sec­tors for VVIP, VIP, the di­sab­led and me­dia. The­re are fit­nessac­ro­ba­tics and weight­lif­ting halls equip­ped with spe­cial training plat­forms and fa­ci­li­ties for swim­mers in the buil­ding. In a part of the roof of the buil­ding “SKY LIGHT” spe­cial pa­no­ra­mic glass pa­nels we­re used. The­se glass pa­nels con­vert so­lar energy in­to elect­ri­city.